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Grow the Rose | Liter of Light | Durham Lumiere 2015

 13.11.15 Amazing opening night last night. Astounded by the reactions and feedback. Thank you everyone. (photos by Graeme Peacock)

Enchanted Parks 2015 | Saltwell Park Gateshead

10.12.15 Enchanted Parks 2015 opened last night. If you were lucky enough to get tickets, see you there! 

Enchanted Parks | December 9th - 13th 

I will be returning to this years Enchanted Parks at Saltwell Park, Gateshead! My installation will be announced soon and tickets will be on sale mid October. Last years Estella's rocket below


Don't be afraid of the dark | Middlesbrough | 16th October

Delighted to be displaying the Hexayurt to represent the international charity Liter of Light. See the events Facebook page for further information.

One night in Tynemouth | 22.05.15

5000 glow sticks, a beautiful evening and a derelict outdoor swimming pool in Tynemouth. In a few years this outdoor pool could be one of the North East of England's biggest coastal attractions. Please help support this cause, check out Tynemouth Outdoor Pool

A big thank you to all involved in making this pop up installation happen, couldn't have done it without you. 

Thanks Mick  

Staithes Light Festival | Sept 2015

Thank you all for an amazing weekend in Staithes! Images courtesy of Glenn Kilpatrick

I would like to thank all of the committee, the residents and all of the people who helped bring Light Fantastic to Staithes. Special thanks to Grant & Jill who saw my vision to light the darkness among the narrow, winding streets of Staithes. 

Big thanks to Stu Langley, The Crew - Gaz, David, Stu, Sam, Jo, Stu L & Chris. My girls Cassie & Katie for their endless support. The artists who allowed us to show their work - Beth, Caroline & Stu. To the residents who allowed us to use their property to hang our work, to borrow power from and who assisted us in every way possible. Special thanks to the Lifeboat Station. To Emma Stoddard who allowed me the privilege of lighting her beautiful sculptures. To Drew who allowed us to light his lobster pots in a very unsuspecting way. Last of all to all of the children and parents who helped us create 'Two Hearts'.

I always wondered what would happen if you gave 4000 glow sticks to the children of Staithes, the images tell the story. 

We'd love to come back next year.


Kendal Calling Festival

Thank you to all involved for making my installation at Kendal Calling Festival a success!

Paradise Found became part of the forest for 4 days within the Lost Eden art project in association with Walk the Plank. 

Staithes Light Fantastic


Delighted to be part of the Staithes Festival of Arts creating Light Fantastic which will illuminate the streets of Staithes on Saturday 12th September. staithesfestival.com

Hardwick Live

Pleased to announce that I'll be exhibiting at Hardwick Live on Saturday 22nd August Hardwick Live Come and visit us & find out how you can be involved in this years Lumiere! Lumiere festival Durham

Visit to the workshop

It was wonderful to have Hull light artist Debi Keable with me last week at the workshop. Had a fascinating day talking about art. We were also lucky to be joined by artist Stu Langley. A big thank you to Roots & Wings and their 'Go See' funding. We both had an installation at last years Freedom Festival in Hull but never met so was great to catch up.


Latest News


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Proud to be lightening the next Durham Street Food Project on Friday 30th January, Level 6, Prince Bishop car park Durham. 

11.12.14 Night 1 | Enchanted Parks, Saltwell park, Gateshead | Homecoming 

Sometimes you get a chance to fulfil a childhood dream.......


Coming soon:


The Stargazer of Saltwell


Enchanted Parks 2014

10th - 14th December

Saltwell Park, Gateshead




People Like us | Scale Lane | Freedom Festival Light Trail | Hull


Opening night tonight everyone!! Hope you can make it, come & say hello!


Preview of one of the pieces of the installation below


People Like us | Hull

Sneak preview of part of our light installation which is in the Freedom Festival in Hull starting this Friday night. Our installation is located on Scale Lane in Hull with a specially commissioned soundtrack by Sventronic www.facebook.com/thisissventronic



Hull Freedom Festival 2014  

Fri 5th & Sat 6th September 


We are delighted to announce our particpation in this years Freedom Festival which is a celebration of the life and work of Nelson Mandela and also the Hull born MP William Wilberforce who championed the abolition of the slave trade. 

We have created an installation titled People Like Us which uses shadowplay and illuminated figures to create an interactive, dynamic interplay of light, shadows and sound. This will be part of a light trail titled the Long Walk to Freedom which will be through Hulls old town leading into the fruit market. 

Freedom Festival webpage

Hope to see you there! Sneak preview below ....


Just been awarded a commission for a large festival in September. Starting construction immediately. Further news to follow!!!


Finally the workshop is up & running. Good times ahead 


Want to own a piece of my Light work?? I have donated Caged Light (below) to the Lifespan charity art auction which takes place on Thursday 3rd April 2014 from 7pm at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle. For more information see www.lifespanteam.org.uk


Hello all. After a well earned rest for us all following the Lumiere I am slowly beginning to work on some exciting ventures!! I had such a fantastic response to the light cages seen in both Lumiere Durham and Derry that we intend to go into production of these and they will hopefully be sold through this website!! Watch this space.....

30.11.13 A BIG Thank you 

After a well earned rest it's time to say thanks to the following people for their help, support and contribution to Lumiere Durham. Without their help this project would have been impossible.


The Crew: Gareth my wingman, David picks me up & dusts me down, Sean always tell me the truth, Cliff, Paul, John, Mark, Dean, Jonny, Hannah, Antonia 

Cassie & Katie my daughters, a very special thank you girls. 

My grandchildren, Jack, Oliver, Archie & Maddeline for keeping me inspired.

My mum, Dorren endless support 

Jo my partner for her help & support in the year it took this project to come to life


To Nick and Carlo at the Empty Shop http://emptyshop.org/


To all the wonderful people at Oases www.oasesnortheast.org.uk who delivered the workshops and all the amazing and inspiring children who decorated 100s of bottles in the workshop which I used within the display. A very special thanks to Kate Harvey from Artichoke who coordinatated the project and Clayport Durham Library for allowing us to use their space to hold the workshops.


To Brian & Sheila at Aldin Grange farm, Bearpark who supplied the authentic corrugated iron sheeting. They also supply some of the best meat in Durham!


To Durham Box company who supplied the cardboard houses for the school workshops www.durhambox.co.uk Amazing help & supprt, a big thankyou


To Sandra at Walkergate. This is the 2nd installtion we've done on her patch, thanks for you help and assistance.


To Jan & the staff at Ebony Champagne bar for supplying endless free coffee.


To all at Arbour timber particularly Harry the delivery driver for his help & assistance


To Andrew at North Yorkshire Timber, cheers mate


Thanks to everyone involved in the Liter of Light in the UK and abroad who work so hard to bring people the basic right to light their homes and all of the volunteers who looked after the Liter of Light during the festival


To Dan Adams, Dave Bilton and Ian Bone and all the technical team. These people bring Lumiere alive.  


To Artichoke, love working with these people and always say yes to anything they ask of me. Special thanks to the amazing Hannah. 

View my current commission at Lumiere Durham | 14th to 17th November

Friday 16th November | Night 2 

Big crowds again, the feedback and thoughts are amazing & I met Illac Diaz the founder of the charity. 

Thursday 14th November - Opening night of Lumiere Durham | Liter of Light

 Build it and they will come.......:-)



THE BIG DAY HAS ARRIVED!! The opening night of Lumiere Durham is tonight. Come along and see my installation Liter of Light and my artwork within the Lumiere Durham Hub. Thank you to everyone involved for their help & support and we will celebrate shortly!!


Big thank you to WorkWear Express www.workwearexpress.com for supplying our Hi Vis tops!! Swish!!

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