Mick Stephenson
Mick Stephenson

Freedom Festival | Hull | Sept 2014

People Like Us

People like us - An installation created for Freedom Festival Hull 2014.


Click on the below button for a virtual tour of my People Like Us installaion at Freedom Festival Hull by the amazing www.dakeynephotography.com

My Installation 'People Like Us'

Made possible by the help of the following people:

The Crew: David, Gaz & Jo

The creator of the soundtrack: Sventronic. www.facebook.com/thisissventronic

Lighting and sound equipment: David Burton, Hi-lights

And all the amazing people at Walk the Plank. 

Special thanks to Alan & Chrissy at The Lion and Key pub for their geneoristy. You can  now view the FREEDOM sign in The Lion & Key beer garden!!

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