Mick Stephenson
Mick Stephenson

Makers Faire 2015 | Newcastle 

Maker Faire 2015 | Life Centre Newcastle

A fantastic weekend with our installation Liter of Light. A big thanks to Gaz and David. 

28.03.15: Maker Faire April 2015 | Newcastle 


We are delighted to announce that we will be producing an installation for the Maker Faire event at the Life Science centre in Newcastle on 25th and 26th April. Tickets on sale now. See the below link for more details:

Maker Faire event


We will be collaborating with Vinay Guptar of Hexayurts to produce an installation that combines the Liter of Light with Vinay's Hexayurts. 




I will also be be giving a lecture on Sunday the 26th April at 3pm titled 'SEEING THE LIGHT: Transforming spaces through plastic bottles'


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